Mr. Mohamed Soliman

Executive Partner

Mr. Soliman has over 25 years of experience in the big four audit firms and the biggest corporate groups in the Middle East, and GCC. Mr. Soliman has extensive proficiency and knowledge in the areas of external and internal audit, Corporate Governance, finance, all types of financial services, business consulting, accounting, bookkeeping, ERB software and human capital. With proven record of restructuring and improving companies management strategies.

Chartered Accountant, tax expert, IFRS specialist, MBA.

Mr. Hawari Masoud

Executive Partner

Mr. Masoud has over 15 years of managerial experience in business Operations and Business Development with extensive hands on experience in leading a successful team in a variety of retail organizations. He has increased the profitability and revenue of each sector by implantation of structural changes, business strategies, establishing processes and applications. Mr. Masoud excels at coaching and mentoring, skills that he gained during his time in professional sports and has adapted to suit his current environment.

MBA, CECS Certified and TCO ICO Certified

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